Wells Cold Pan User Manuals

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How to find out model of my Wells Cold Pan device?

To find documentation for your Wells Cold Pan, you need to know its model or serial number. In addition to the model name, different manufacturers use an individual code for each model (this is a product number, service number, industrial or commercial code). This information is located on a special sticker (white or silver color) on the so-called information plate.

A little hint about location of the information plate on various devices:

Popular Downloads:

# Device Model Type of Document Size Views Downloads
1 CW-13 CW-13 Installation and operating instructions manual

APW Wyott CW-13 Operating Instructions Manual Food Warmer Food Warmer ...

File: apw-wyott-cw-13-food-warmer-8.pdf, 8 pages

0.27 Mb 144 26
2 8148-EFN 8148-EFN Specifications

Delfield 8148-EFN Specifications 8169-EFN 8191-EFN Cold Pan ...

File: delfield-8148-efn-specifications-2.pdf, 2 pages

0.18 Mb 1132 283
3 ESIC36 ESIC36 Specifications

Delfield ESIC36 Specifications Food Warmer Cold Pan ...

File: delfield-esic36-specifications-2.pdf, 2 pages

0.4 Mb 814 131
4 N8131-FA N8131-FA Specifications

Delfield N8131-FA Specifications N8144-FA N8157-FA N8169-FA N8182-FA Cold Pan ...

File: delfield-n8131-fa-specifications-2.pdf, 2 pages

1.41 Mb 1197 192
5 SCSC-36-EF SCSC-36-EF Specifications

Delfield SCSC-36-EF Specifications SCSC-50-EF SCSC-60-EF SCSC-74-EF SCSC-96-EF Cold Pan ...

File: delfield-scsc-36-ef-specifications-2.pdf, 2 pages

0.33 Mb 1035 218
6 SE-C2 SE-C2 Specifications

Delfield SE-C2 Specifications SE-C3 SE-C4 SE-C5 SE-C6 Cold Pan ...

File: delfield-se-c2-specifications-2.pdf, 2 pages

0.09 Mb 1103 177
7 SE-I2 SE-I2 Specifications

Delfield SE-I2 Specifications SE-I3 SE-I4 SE-I5 SE-I6 Cold Pan ...

File: delfield-se-i2-specifications-2.pdf, 2 pages

0.08 Mb 816 172
8 9700IC 9700IC Specifications

Randell 9700IC Specifications Cold Pan 9718IC 9743IC 9757IC 9772IC 9786IC Cold Pan ...

File: randell-9700ic-cold-pan-1.pdf, 1 pages

0.07 Mb 694 118
9 9828SCA 9828SCA Specifications

Randell 9828SCA Specifications Cold Pan 9843SCA 9857SCA 9872SCA 9886SCA Cold Pan ...

File: randell-9828sca-cold-pan-2.pdf, 2 pages

0.11 Mb 266 56
10 9872SCA 9872SCA Specifications

Randell 9872SCA Specifications Cold Pan 9918SCA 9928SCA 9943SCA 9946SCN 9957SCA 9966SCN Cold Pan ...

File: randell-9872sca-cold-pan-22.pdf, 22 pages

1.02 Mb 1420 256